Summer Highlights


My summer has been delightful. In many ways.

First of all, as much as I have enjoyed the years of cooking for the airport crew, this summer was wide open to enjoy the great outdoors, family and friends.

When I rewind the months and play it all over again, I see sunshine, water, golf, babies, weddings, airplane rides, birthday parties, shopping, walks, cabins, decks, mountains, etc.

All of those were wonderful, but I have to say nothing beats:

sweetly dimpled newborn coos and snuggles

a one-year-old smile that goes on forever, framed by the cutest pigtails

fantastic wit and three-year-old wonder

tender ten-year-old conversations, “gramma, does puberty hurt?”

sincere twelve-year-old consideration, “is there anything I can help you with?”

loving fourteen-year-old arms that held me as I visited my father’s grave

Those are my summer highlights.



I have not abandoned my blog, just taking a summer break.

But, did I mention I got to photograph twins on Friday?

They were great!!

Blog you later!


So Humble


Yesterday my son brought our three oldest grand kids to the airport to spend the afternoon with us. Grandpa treated them each to very thrilling airplane rides, which they were quite enthusiastic about in the retelling! Later we went mini golfing and then out for supper.

We dined at the local A&W, and once we had our order, discovered that two drinks were missing. Grandpa Lloyd dug in his pocket to pull out more change to pay for the missing drinks, but my son beat him to it.

Ten year old Toby put his hand out pretending to take Grandpa’s money for himself. So Grandpa went along and pretended to put the coins in Toby’s hand.

Toby laughed and said, “I’m just kidding. You don’t have to give me the money.” So Grandpa put the money back in his pocket.

Toby frowned through his grin and teased, “Hey, you were supposed to give me more since I was being so humble!”


Daily Routine

Two year old Eli’s tummy was rumbling, as his family drove home from a Sunday outing.
Suddenly he piped up , “Da, E (the name he calls himself) got animals in bum.” 
Jord and Melissa looked at each other, frowned in confusion and asked him to repeat his statement. Which he did. Exactly as the first time.
Jord said, “Ok, well, we will see if we can get them out when we get home.”
Eli was fine with that. He matter of factly agreed, “Yep, get out animals, brush teeth and go to bed.” Just part of his daily routine!!