Twins. Adorable. Exciting. Wonderful.


I heartily applaud all you Moms out there who raise twins. I don’t know how you do it.

Twins have been on my mind more often lately, because my nephew and his wife are expecting two babies in December. Our family is very excited about this upcoming event, and if you had to pick a couple to raise twins, Cody and Tenay would be high on the list.

The twins I’ve photographed in the past are busy little men, absolutely adorable, with two older beautiful sisters, a loving, providing Dad, and “SuperMom”. Along side raising four lovely children, and looking fabulous herself, she has found time to be an inventor, and all that goes along with selling her idea and product – successfully. Check it out –¬†Today’s Steal: Squishy Snak Pak 4-Pack 40% off – The easy, reusable, and clean way to feed wholesome foods to your little one.¬†

Today I have the privilege of travelling to another town, and photographing a newborn whose twin brothers are two years old. The Mom to these three is an old friend I haven’t seen for many years. I look forward to our time together, and I am positive that I will come away full of smiles from holding another sweet newborn, a few chuckles from the antics of the twins, but mostly with renewed wonder at the strength and devotion of another amazing Mom.


Good Friends


As a parent I was very happy when my children developed good, loyal friendships with others. Brent was one of Cassidy’s closest friends through the years – grade 2 and on.

The two of them could get the giggles over pretty much anything.

One morning our two families were sitting together in church. Cassidy and Brent got the giggles, and were trying, unsuccessfully, to keep themselves under control. Patti (Brent’s Mom) and I kept nudging them and giving “the look”, until finally Patti leaned over and said, “Be quiet, or you will wake up your Dad!”

And then we ALL got the giggles.

This picture is one of the many mornings through the years that Brent stopped by to pick Cassidy up for school. Gotta love friendships like that.