Twins. Adorable. Exciting. Wonderful.


I heartily applaud all you Moms out there who raise twins. I don’t know how you do it.

Twins have been on my mind more often lately, because my nephew and his wife are expecting two babies in December. Our family is very excited about this upcoming event, and if you had to pick a couple to raise twins, Cody and Tenay would be high on the list.

The twins I’ve photographed in the past are busy little men, absolutely adorable, with two older beautiful sisters, a loving, providing Dad, and “SuperMom”. Along side raising four lovely children, and looking fabulous herself, she has found time to be an inventor, and all that goes along with selling her idea and product – successfully. Check it out – Today’s Steal: Squishy Snak Pak 4-Pack 40% off – The easy, reusable, and clean way to feed wholesome foods to your little one.

Today I have the privilege of travelling to another town, and photographing a newborn whose twin brothers are two years old. The Mom to these three is an old friend I haven’t seen for many years. I look forward to our time together, and I am positive that I will come away full of smiles from holding another sweet newborn, a few chuckles from the antics of the twins, but mostly with renewed wonder at the strength and devotion of another amazing Mom.


Grey Matters


One morning as Danielle was preparing for the day, she took a closer look in the bathroom mirror and much to her dismay, discovered a grey hair! The first one!!

Quite a distressed flurry ensued as she grabbed the tweezers and attempted to annihilate that premature freak of nature.

A few days later it became apparent that little Marisa had observed the offending strand episode.

Holding a chunk of her own hair, obviously a victim of a D.I.Y. chop, Marisa replied, “because it was grey,” in answer to Danielle’s horrified “WHY?!”


Mother’s Day



Miss Ferryn was kind enough to take a break from her hectic office deadlines (I believe she works for Fisher Price), to quickly share her thoughts about Mother’s Day. The pressures of her career did not allow her the time to elaborate.

Me: Ferryn, can you tell me what Mother’s Day is all about?

Ferryn: Love, presents and breakfast in bed.

Me: Ah love. What do you love about your Mom?

Ferryn: She puts make up on, and she’s really soft and cuddly. I like to watch videos with her. And I love her blonde hair.

Me: Yes, her hair is very beautiful. If you could buy your Mom any present in all the world, what would it be?

Ferryn: Leggings.

Me: We celebrate Grandmas on Mother’s Day too. What do you love about your Grandma?

Ferryn: She is soft and cuddly and snacky. I like Grandpa too.

And there you have it, a three year old’s thoughts about Mother’s Day.


Road Trip


Little Jenna was tired of the long road trip with her family. Strapped into her car seat at the back of the van, she called up to Mom, “Mommy can I please go outside for a time out?”
Mommy smiled and replied, “No, only naughty girls go on time out, and you are being good.”
Jenna was quiet. She thought for awhile and then asked, “Mommy can you please come back here so I can hit you?”