Daily Routine

Two year old Eli’s tummy was rumbling, as his family drove home from a Sunday outing.
Suddenly he piped up , “Da, E (the name he calls himself) got animals in bum.” 
Jord and Melissa looked at each other, frowned in confusion and asked him to repeat his statement. Which he did. Exactly as the first time.
Jord said, “Ok, well, we will see if we can get them out when we get home.”
Eli was fine with that. He matter of factly agreed, “Yep, get out animals, brush teeth and go to bed.” Just part of his daily routine!!


My Dad was born in 1926 – the same year Queen Elizabeth made her entrance into the world. Dad used to impress us by saying (with a twinkle in his eyes) that he went to different schools together with the Queen.

We thought that made him very special.

Today the thought occurred to me that his little namesake, Leon Gordon, will be able to carry on with that mischievous statement, given yesterday’s birth of England’s future King!

Dad, even though I can no longer see you, your quirky humour continues to make me smile. Thank you.




photo credit – IsaacLKoval – Istockphoto 

A class professor was giving a lecture on company slogans and was asking his students if they were familiar with them.
“Joe,” he asked, “which company has the slogan, ‘come fly the friendly skies’?”
Joe answered the correct airline.
“Brenda, can you tell me which company has the slogan, “Don’t leave home without it?”
Brenda answered the correct credit card company with no difficulty.
“Now John, tell me which company bears the slogan, ‘Just do it’?”
And John answered, “Mom.”



One of my favourite parts of wedding photography is taking pictures of the children in attendance. Usually they are dressed to the nines at the ceremony, on their best behaviour and cute as buttons. By the time the program starts, they are getting restless, and oh-so anxious for the dance to begin. With shoes and care abandoned they take to the dance floor at the very first chance, and definitely have more fun than a large percentage of the adults.


I sometimes have to remind myself that I am there to take pictures, first and foremost, of the bride and groom. The little people captivate my camera!

On the weekend I met a young boy who was passionate about the entire day. From the entrance of the bride and her parents (he ran right up to them with a most enthusiastic greeting), to the telling of stories ensuring kissing by the couple.


Holding that mic (by myself please) was definitely a high priority on this little fellow’s bucket list. When he was finally given the chance to share his story, it was something about chocolate milk and naps. But it worked! The bride and groom kissed. 🙂 Then he ended his speech with “Now let’s get this party started!”
So cute!


Prayer Weary



photo by Jess Wiberg

An elaborately trained little fellow who had nightly to pray for blessings on “mamma, and papa, grandpapa, and grandmamma,” and all his uncles, his aunts, and his cousins, committing each by name, after exhausting the catalogue one evening, heaved a heavy sigh and exclaimed wearily, “Oh, dear, I wish these people would pray for themselves, for I am so tired of praying for them all!”




The stars aligned this week. My daughter and month old grandson came to visit. And then everything worked out for my oldest grandchild to join us. There are 14 years between them. My I-Pad is full of crazy but cherished photos.

We have shopped, pedicured, laughed ourselves silly, visited an art gallery, but mostly… we have fed, burped, changed and rocked Baby Leon.

Having both youngest and oldest of my grandchildren with me, is a good reminder of how quickly life passes. It was only yesterday…

“Child of the pure, unclouded brow

And dreaming eyes of wonder!

Though time be fleet and I and thou

Are half a life asunder,

Thy loving smile will surely hail

The love-gift of a fairy tale”

– Lewis Carroll

I have so very much to be thankful for. This week is just one precious point on a very long list.