It Doesn’t Take a Brain Surgeon


photo license – The University of Iowa Libraries

When traveling by car (which is quite often), I always tune in to CBC. I first discovered and grew to admire CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi when I heard that incredibly awkward, but very professionally managed interview with Billy Bob Thornton.

From then on I have been an avid fan of the soothing voice, charming charisma and delicate diplomacy of everything Jian. (seeing his picture later didn’t lessen the admiration!)

I will listen to other CBC personalities. 🙂

This Tuesday Roberta Walker talked with neuroscientists about “the checkered history of brain science and its promising future”.

While finding the entire broadcast riveting, what I remember most is a little something from Dr. Allan Purdy – a neurologist in Halifax.

When Dr. Purdy was a boy, he visited the home of a friend (whom I will call Charlie) during the winter. Young Allan noticed Charlie’s dad was the only person in that family who didn’t take a turn shoveling the driveway.

Finding this quite different from his own family custom, he asked his mother about it once he returned home.

Mom explained to Allan that Charlie’s dad was a neurosurgeon, and therefore, took every precaution to protect his hands.

Dr. Purdy says his future career choice was made instantaneously!

Chuckling, he then went on to say he hopes his career has been more substantial than the initial idea that launched his chosen path.




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