Water, Water, Everywhere


Jim MacIntrye had to ride out across the water to convince his horses to come back with him after they were surrounded by the rising water of the Highwood River.

Lorraine Hjalte/ Calgary Herald

It has been a turbulent day on the prairies. The picture above, near Longview, Alberta, makes me think of our dear friends Royal and Debbie, and wonderful Bar AD ranch. I think of their many animals and pray for safety of creatures great and small.

I think of my cousin Bob, and his wife Candy, who have recently moved to Bragg Creek to be closer to the wildlife they so wonderfully capture with their cameras. This move is the culmination of years of anticipation.

These are just two families who may be drastically affected by the rising floodwaters intent upon twisting yesterday’s dreams into tonight’s nightmares.

My thoughts are with those who are suffering tremendous loss. And also to the brave men and women who are working tirelessly to rescue endangered lives and prevent further damage.


HIGH RIVER, AB: JUNE 20, 2013 – A Nanton fire fighter (brought in to assist) wades through the flood water in High River, Alberta Thursday, June 20, 2013. The town of High River was hit by massive flooding Thursday.
(Stuart Gradon/Calgary Herald)

The fireman picture turns my thoughts to Carey Taylor, a long time friend. As I write this, Carey is working into the night, using his strength and training to ensure the safety of others affected by the flood.

Meanwhile a province away, as Carey battles the elements in Alberta, his 8 year old niece, Jenna, looks out the rainy window at her tangled trampoline, tossed against the fence by gale force Saskatchewan winds.

After contemplating the situation, Jenna gives voice to her thoughts, “God must be really working out hard today!”

Mom asks what makes her come to that conclusion.

Jenna replies “Well he sure is sweating!”

Interesting perspective. Makes as much sense as any thing else.


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