I’m holding little Leon this morning as I post. Being a grandma is a beautiful experience. I’m thankful for each of my grandkids as well as the the women who were Grandma to me.

The picture above shows my Grandma Diggins (on the left) when she was a very young girl. She grew up to have a powerful impact on me.

It does not take blood to be that kind of person in a child’s life. We all have the potential to make a difference.

Mackenzie’s babysitter is a good example.

Seven year old Mackenzie loves her. In fact, she calls her “Grandma”. Mackenzie has no idea that all the fun and love she experiences each day is actually a job for “Grandma”.

One day Mackenzie and Mom were chatting together about how Mom’s parents now live in heaven. Mackenzie nodded in understanding, and then realized that something seemed strange.

She thought about how Mom had just picked her up and then handed money to “Grandma”. Something seemed out of sorts.

Finally she came up with the only scenario that made sense to her and she questioned, “Mom, why do you pay Grandma to be your mom if you already have a mom?”


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