As Lloyd and I were driving with grandsons, Ryland and Toby, we played a game where one person had to think of an object, and the rest of us would ask questions until we pinned down the elusive item.

The first person would describe something that started with the letter “A”, second person took letter “B” and so on. The letter “Q” fell on six year old Toby’s turn.

That was a tough one. He was having trouble coming up with something, but the wheels were turning as he mouthed, “Qua, Qua, Qua.”

Suddenly his consternation turned to enthusiasm as he excitedly encouraged us to begin our inquiry.

Well, he had us stumped.

Question after question led us no where closer to solving this puzzle. We finally had to give up, and little Toby (who had trouble pronouncing his “R”s), delightfully blurted out, “Quap!! It was Quap!!!”

Q picture – credit to Walter Wick I Spy Ultimate Challenger


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