A young couple hired Cassidy as nanny to Alyssa, their adorable one-and-a half-year old daughter. Alyssa’s dad was an avid wildlife hunter and their home was full of various “stuffed animals”.

Cassidy quickly learned that Alyssa, although very shy, was incredibly bright for her age, and not much escaped her little mind.

One day that fact proved true as Cassidy and her husband Dustin were out walking with the little genius. Meandering along, enjoying the sights and sounds, they heard a dog bark and a bird chirp.

Trying to engage the toddler in conversation, Dustin asked, “Alyssa, what was that?”

Thinking she may reply with a cute little birdie “cheep” or a doggie, “woof”, he was rather astounded when Alyssa matter-of-factly replied, “magpie”.

And she was absolutely correct.  Now that’s a crackerjackid!


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