Putty Printing

There is a wonderful man in my life, who makes me laugh. I wish I had known him as a little boy, or could find a record of all the things he said and did, because I’m pretty sure some hilarious stories would be told.

Thankfully there are a few tales that pop up every now and then. This is one that really makes me smile.

Lloyd was in grade one and extremely excited about learning to print his name. He was also fascinated by the soft, pliable putty that sealed the living room window in his family’s farm house.

Those two elements got him into trouble one day when he could no longer resist carving his name into the putty.

Knowing it was not to be tampered with, he suddenly realized that embedding his name in the seductive sealant was a dead give away as to the “artist”. After pondering the situation, a wiser plan was hatched.

When complete, Lloyd happily stepped back to admire his work.

A few hours later, a disgruntled Mom called out to her four children, “Who wrote in the putty?”

Lloyd ran to see what the fuss was all about, and calmly helped her figure it out. “Well it says ‘Dale’.”

When Mom reminded Lloyd that little brother, Dale, didn’t know the first thing about printing his name, Lloyd was instantly aware how uncomfortable it feels to be “mistaken”.

What a good lesson. Since then, I don’t think he’s ever had to admit to being wrong!

And I am truly delighted he learned to print his name, as many years later, he wrote his name across my heart. And I liked it.



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