Mother’s Day



Miss Ferryn was kind enough to take a break from her hectic office deadlines (I believe she works for Fisher Price), to quickly share her thoughts about Mother’s Day. The pressures of her career did not allow her the time to elaborate.

Me: Ferryn, can you tell me what Mother’s Day is all about?

Ferryn: Love, presents and breakfast in bed.

Me: Ah love. What do you love about your Mom?

Ferryn: She puts make up on, and she’s really soft and cuddly. I like to watch videos with her. And I love her blonde hair.

Me: Yes, her hair is very beautiful. If you could buy your Mom any present in all the world, what would it be?

Ferryn: Leggings.

Me: We celebrate Grandmas on Mother’s Day too. What do you love about your Grandma?

Ferryn: She is soft and cuddly and snacky. I like Grandpa too.

And there you have it, a three year old’s thoughts about Mother’s Day.


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