Christopher Columbus

I will begin with a story that occurred several years ago. My 7 year old daughter was helping decorate the Christmas tree. She had a new idea – running the garlands up and down, instead of winding them around. We tried it out. It looked interesting, and I told her we would leave it her way until the rest of the family came home, at which time we would take a vote about the new look. She smiled.
When the vote took place, it wasn’t the way she was hoping it would turn out. She cried.
I took her aside and told her how wonderful it was that she had tried something new. I told her that often when people have new ideas, they aren’t readily accepted at first. Then I launched into a history lesson about Christopher Columbus. I said –
“A very, very long time ago everyone thought the world was flat. But there was one man who thought that the world was round. Everyone laughed at him and thought he was crazy. But guess what?! He got in a boat and checked it out and found out it really WAS round!!! She pondered.
“And what did YOU think?” she asked. I laughed!!


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